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Echo trimmer problem SRM-230

My Echo SRM-230 is having major issues. The engine starts and idles fine. When you pull the trigger to throttle up, the engine barely revs and blows more smoke than normal. It is useless for the work. I have gotten around this because I swapped my engine from my edger (same engine) over to the trimmer, but I still want to fix it. I have checked the compression on the engine (fine) and taken the trimmer apart to check to make sure the magnetic pick up for the ignition is clean (it was).

Has anyone run into the problem on a trimmer not spooling up to full trimming speed? Any ideas as to what it could be?

I have thought it may be the ignition module itself, but would like a little confirmation before i start throwing money at the thing (if it is hopeless, I will just replace it).

If all you have to say is "that trimmer is crap, buy XXX brand instead" like so many help threads turn into, please move along... nothing to see here.
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