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I did move this to the repair forum.... I don't know how I have missed that sub forum for so long, but I have never seen it... just found it while searching for my problem...

Fuel - My Honda mower requires 89, so all of my equipment gets 89.
Mix - Very careful while mixing the oil gas for the right amount.
Spark arrestor - cleaned and then replaced (no change)
Carb - Cleaned and then swapped between the mower edger (no change)
Spark plug/air filter/fuel filter - All change regularly and after the problem start (no change)
Fuel - tank has been drained and refilled; no water in fuel (no change)
Spark plug - cleaned, gapped, replaced, gapped (no change)
"Scratched" piston - no foreign debris have been in the cylinder and the compression is fine... so the piston is not crack and the rings and ring lands are still functioning properly

The thing that makes this pretty annoying is that when I swapped the carb from my 230 series engine on my edger, I thought that would fix it for sure after reading about so many problems with the needles and dirt in the carb... then when I started it up, the engine ran the exact same. And that is what made me think it could be electrical.
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