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Originally Posted by Knight511 View Post
Crap... No privatemessages here...

That sounds promising. Did you set the gap to aan actual measurement or did you just "eye ball" it?
The trick is to use a business card, I just learned that over the years.

Way to do it is, with the coil removed turn the flywheel until the magnetos are lined up near the top,
right below where the coil would go, then place the business card onto the magnetos.

It is so, the magnetos need to be in a position that, when you put the coil in place, will match up against the coil, hope that makes sense.

Once that is there, hold the business card in place with one hand and with the other gently bring the coil into place
and SNAP the magnetism between the two will clamp it in place, make sure the coil is lined up the right way first lol,
but now all that's left to do is tighten the bolts, you might have to nudge the coil a bit to get the holes to line up.

Once everything is all secure, easy does it but you gotta wedge that business card back out of there.
Either pull on it by hand, sometimes I have to turn the flywheel, it might tear the card up a bit.

After it's installed, turn the flywheel by hand once or twice around completely to make SURE there is NO contact!
(Just in case heh)
Reconnect the electrical wires.

In the end there should be VERY little air in that gap.
Oh btw, a matchbook cover works as well, most any thin piece of cardboard really.

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