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Originally Posted by Knight511 View Post
And that is what made me think it could be electrical.
let me throw my two cents in here. I don't think your problem is electrical...but I did have a Shindawa that had bad wires coming from the throttle back to the engine. One of them was cracked, and every time you applied power, the trimmer would vibrate a little which caused the wire to rub against the side of the engine and ground out....

I think you have an air leak some where. When you had the carb off, did you take the insulator off and clean the pulse port hole ? It runs through the insulator, in to the cylinder. I use a piece of a coat hanger to clean them out. Also, if you take the insulator off, make sure that the end that goes up against the cylinder is flat/square. I have seen them warp. Also, check to see if the bolts/nuts that hold the cylinder on are tight and there is no liquid/dampness (oily) any where around that base. Lastly, the seals, if you have any dampness (oily) behind the recoil starter or the fly wheel, those seals should be replaced....

Good Luck
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