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1#N/m in early season growth is more than I like, but then my situation is "special" (yes, even short bus some of the time). Because I am on site and only have the one site to worry over, I can justify labor expenses (usually all on me and "free") that are hard to do in a commercial business setting. All that being said, I LIKE .25#N/m applied e/o week until the mowing kicks in. On my greens, the app is every week and then back off to e/o week when I get the growth I am looking for. Now, back to the OP, I think I would put the AS on TOP of the compost. Water in well and I don't think you would see burn unless your day temp exceeds the mid 80's. I realize AS has gone up, but @ less than $15/bag, make the customer happy. Can you do the compost and the CT in the same app/trip? If not, why not do the AS as a split app. Half of what you decide to apply on top of the compost, and half before you apply the CT and water in again? A 3/4A yard should be worthy of two trips/apps, and they shouldn't be balking at paying a reasonable price for a split application. Two bags of AS each trip only equates to a material cost just over 50bucks. Do what it takes to get the customer. THEN you can prove what good cultural organics can do. Getting the customer is the first step.
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