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TruGreen Killed my Lawn - now what?

This is my first post, but have read several posts about TruGreen from members here, 99% of which are negative. Most of the folks here seem to be professionals, but I'm a homeowner, so I'm asking for advice.

Firstly, TGCL nearly completely ruined my lawn. I have severe grub damage, and want to get the lawn back in shape. At this point this year, I've:

- Weed and feed (applied before I realized I had grub damage)
- dethatched (which basically ripped up all of the grub damage)
- spike aerated
- applied Grub-Ex (from what I read, it's too early, but I HAD to do something. after the dethatch, the grubs were right there on the suface)

but the 1.3 acre lawn is in bad shape. I'm considering hiring a local lawn pro, but how do I go about finding someone more than just a "lawn mower"?
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