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Originally Posted by ews View Post
wow.... You have some nice things, hahahah..... Looks more like a scrap yard..... Seriously your really mature, posting all your junk on here. All im saying is you cannot seal properly with a tote and trash pump. End of story.... The sealer is not mixed....

As for no one responding, who cares, alot of guys dont respond because this is what happens.

Let me go out and seal this 35k sq foot parking lot for 4500.00 that you would charge 2000.00
oh well, its my scrap yard, and i can see your price's at 2.75 a gallon for sealer i would charge that to...but i pay 1.56 a gallon.
As for the trash pump i dont use one, i have used the tote to carry pre mixed sealer to the job, but have never sprayed from a tote....
As for being mature , i am 47, i work hard and play hard, and my pic's have nothing to do with being mature, now you price your work and i will price mine. But no matter what you still have a big mouth.
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