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Originally Posted by SteevieG View Post
A spike aerator will often do more harm than good by further compacting the soil. It basically just pushes the soil down further. A core aerator is the preferred way to aerate as it pull plugs of soil and grass out of the lawn allowing air, water and nutrients to better reach to roots of the grass plants.
Hmm - thanks for the info.

The one I used I borrowed from a friend. I've been to Lowes, and they have a core aerator, similar to the spike model they sell (uses bricks as weight for the core tines). I'm skeptical on how well these work, and figured I'd just borrow the spike model and see how it helped.

Anyone with experience on the weighted core aerator or other suggestions on aeroators on a limited budget (I'm not going to go out and buy a powered aerator like they use on golf course greens :-)?
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