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Man, sounds like everything is up to snuff! A mower that cuts great (hopefully =)) and everything the old one was without the length!

We LOVE our SWB's but the cuts are really not that great and that was on brand new mowers. We run two 54's a 48 and a 60 super z. We love Hustler, and seeing them come out with this 54" is such a relief. We run Wright ZK's but I needed a good yellow walk behind, and I think this will fill it. So glad they went back to the old controls too! So as long as it cuts good and we can actually jump this on curbs (48 nearly impossible) my guys might want to give you a kiss =P!

Thanks for all the info!

If I can get a 54" I just want to verify the cut on long grass, if the cut is what it should be it will never see the dealer again =).
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