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Originally Posted by Gt350RC View Post
Anyone with experience on the weighted core aerator or other suggestions on aeroators on a limited budget (I'm not going to go out and buy a powered aerator like they use on golf course greens :-)?
GO with a core aerator. If your lawn is really thin, you may want to rent one in the fall. Never forget the adage "nature re-seeds itself in the fall". The rented units are great for getting into tight areas, and I used one the first 2 years in this house. Be sure to use whichever one in 2 or 3 directions.

I pretty much have the lawn thriving and weeds and grubs at bay now, so the pull-behind unit from Lowes with some weight on top, does a great job for me. I use it in the early spring and again in mid-fall, followed by an over-seed each time.
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