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First mistake you hired TrueGreen. You pay for what you get, True Green is usually hired on price point alone. Lesson learned don't go cheap, get several quotes hire the best guy for the job, not the cheapest. Real Yellow pages AKA phone book, ask your neighbors whom they use.

Originally Posted by Gt350RC View Post
This is my first post, but have read several posts about TruGreen from members here, 99% of which are negative. Most of the folks here seem to be professionals, but I'm a homeowner, so I'm asking for advice.

Firstly, TGCL nearly completely ruined my lawn. I have severe grub damage, and want to get the lawn back in shape. At this point this year, I've:

- Weed and feed (applied before I realized I had grub damage)
- dethatched (which basically ripped up all of the grub damage)
- spike aerated
- applied Grub-Ex (from what I read, it's too early, but I HAD to do something. after the dethatch, the grubs were right there on the suface)

but the 1.3 acre lawn is in bad shape. I'm considering hiring a local lawn pro, but how do I go about finding someone more than just a "lawn mower"?
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