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Originally Posted by Green Machine Mowing View Post
you ever get home to find that one of your walkbehinds wasnt on the trailer, just to go back and find in in a clients backyard???
I have a Stihl 460 Chain saw with a 25" Bar, along with 2 smaller Echos. My guys are deathly afraid of MY saw, so Im always the only one to use it. After felling a couple trees in a backyard, I let the guys chop it up while I went on an estimate.

The guys met me back at home base, where as soon as they pulled up I noticed the equip just sitting in the trailer, not in the bed of my truck like I explicitly tell them to (I have a locking hard tonneau on my truck). Do a quick walk around, WHERES MY SAW?!?! They said they put it in. But they stopped at the gas station and McDs. After bitching and screaming at my guys, I marked my $900 chainsaw as history.

The next morning I had an estimate down the street from this house. As I was driving down the street, whats this orange thing I see next to the curb in front of my client's house? OH CRAP ITS MY SAW!

Now my guys know that if my equipment disappears because of their negligence, theyre paying for it.
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