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Originally Posted by Jarred's Lawn Care View Post
yeah got a police report done and need to look at getting a new trailer with better lockable door. the circle locks are awesome though on a good note!! they didnt get in that way just a cheap ass pace side door. the said thing is i was broke into last year!!! at a job site with everything locked up! i do have insurance, thank god!! I live on the northend of springfield
I always had real good luck with Trailer Masters out by Knights Action Park for my trailer needs.

Also you might want to get your Neighborhood Police Officers phone number and give him or her a call. There is a good chance it was someone in your neighborhood and they have or will be hitting you and your neighbors again. Talking to the NPO and alerting them to the problem probably wont get your stuff back, but it might just help prevent you from getting hit again after you replace your equipment. Maybe. Once a burglar or burglars gets into a area getting rid of them is like trying to get rid of cockroaches. But thats a major part of a NPO's job is to target problems like burglars in their specific neighborhoods.

Remember one thing when dealing with Springfield City Government - squeaky wheel gets the grease.
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