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Originally Posted by JDiepstra View Post
I did not read this whole thread so if it hasn't been said already.... file a police report and visit all of the local pawn shope. Also check EBay and Craigs List. Good luck and sorry about your loss.
You wrote what needed to be said in this post. This is something that is going to increase as unemployment runs out from all the job losses. We have a hard time getting the police to investigate anything because they dedicate all personal to homicides. The worse the economy, the more crime, the more crime, the less investigation, spread too thin, it gets to be a vicious circle.

I think everyone should be carrying a gun in plain sight. There is one county they were talking about on TV where everyone wears a gun, and their crime rate is zero. Criminals don't want to attempt a crime where they know everyone is carrying an equalizer.
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