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My first post. I've just read all 39 pages and learned a lot. Thanks to all that contribute.

I live in the south where it gets very hot and humid (I don't mind the heat. It's the humility that gets to me ) I've just started to learn about lawn care but I already know how to handle the heat.

- Drink water (12 - 16oz)
before you even begin to perspire so that you can 'stay ahead' of dehydration
- Although it looks gay as hell, take a bandana or some other 100% cotton rag, soak it completely in cold water then tie it around your neck. The cold rag will cool the blood running through both Jugular veins. Also, as the water in the rag evaporates it will be cooler than outside temperatures (when liquids evaporate they give off cool air, i.e. rubbing alcohol when applied to the skin cools the skin because the alcohol evaporates quickly, freon evaporates immediately after leaving the can)
- Everybody that has seen the Gatorade commercials knows that during perspiration our bodies lose nutrients such as sodium and potassium. When I used to play soccer in the Georgia heat of August, part of my pregame meal was bananas because of their potassium content. It made a big difference in my stamina during a 90 minute game. I learned that from reading about Kyle Rote Jr. who used to be a professional soccer player in the MSL 30 years ago.
- before NASCAR drivers insert their earplugs, they put them in their mouths to lubricate them with saliva. It's a gross sensation to me that reminds me of old Richard Pryor jokes
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