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Originally Posted by Dixie Lawns View Post
you have some really nice work!!
Originally Posted by Craaaig View Post
craaaig from plowsite, met you, Tim, and Joel at the MB open house back in early spring
ohh yes yes how you been?
Originally Posted by cat320 View Post
may not be good but who knows what was going thru that customers minde when they did it ? price was it a freind of the family or freind of a friend that did it seams to be alot of those out there jack of all trades masters of none.

I agree looks like it was just thown together.
ya i thought that may be the case also
Originally Posted by nnj18 View Post
hahaha that walkway looks like shiyat....
oh well better then no walkway i guess
Originally Posted by joelbouch View Post
gama no way didnt show for work today hows he hard working and micah wish i had more time to stick around up there but i got my second sod job done and replaced the irragtion head and empty the dump counter 210 worth of blocks but i wana know whats the deal with the girl makes me wana move to dracut and work for you if i got to see her more but id lose the misstress so idk
i got one big job done solo it was cool. called dead beat amigo several times all day and never reached him. she showed up again tonight LOL. before ya know it i'll have a black dump.
Originally Posted by PORTER 05 View Post
any of you guys work in mass today, we worked me and 2 other guys, i dont think people where very happy that we came but they wanted it done "this week" so we did it. Looks like its going to rain end of the week, should make cutting fun!
Yup i did. customer was more then happy to have me over.
Originally Posted by Lawn Freak View Post
Just to clarify I meant Micahs work looked good not the walkway
haha ya i knew that
Originally Posted by scagmower View Post
Do you really bag all your grass or just that would be alot of grass clipping after one day for me, also i noticed your biggest mower has a 48 inch deck, you could really increase productivity with a larger deck, unless your doing just residential or smaller yards mulching and edging looks good
no i dont bag all my grass. my largest mower is a 52". biggest i could use would be a 60" but that would only work on a few properties. the 52 fits everywhere and works well. thanks for the comments. All my lawns are less then an acre.
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