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Bagger for the Grandstand

Originally Posted by robertsturf View Post
I was wondering if the old style steel bagger would fit on my Grandstand? I modified my accelerator bagger to fit. I had ordered the bagger for the Grandstand and the cloth one came in. Not good!! I had an 05 Z500 with the TFS deck on it and my bagger for my 36" hydro with the SFS deck fit on the rider. So my question is have they changed the opening of the TFS deck so that style of bagger would not still fit? I need a bagger for these mowers and I need it like yesterday!! I purchased these 3 weeks ago and am very happy with the overall performance of the machines. I would like to see these type details addressed before they are released.
robertsturf - Model # 30104 (cloth-sided bagger) is the only bagging solution presently available from Toro. Toro does not currently offer a steel bagger for the GrandStand. There has been no change to the opening in the TURBO FORCE deck, so you may find that there are older steel baggers that physically fit on the product. However, they have not been approved by Toro for this application. As you note, there are some aftermarket suppliers that are promoting steel baggers for the Toro GrandStand.

Thanks - The Toro Company
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