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Originally Posted by LawnVet View Post
For example:
I had a lawn & snow customer call me yesterday in a tizzy (thankfully not at me) because her fert guy charged her more than he'd quoted her on the phone. No contract signed, so she says f-you to the guy and he told her that "in the landscaping industry you don't need a contract. You agreed over the phone so you have to pay." While he may have told her $XX.XX was the price on the phone for her two properties she may have understood it as $YY.YY for both. Neither is really wrong but both hate each other now...she isn't going to pay and he isn't going to be able to collect because he does not have a contract.
She called me b/c she wanted to know if the "landscapers don't need to have a contract" was legit. I basically told her what I just said above and that it's a hearsay case, not likely to result in anything. I guess she should have taken me up on my fert prices instead of bargin hunting.
A business that applies any herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, without a written contract is absolutely breaking the law. So one of those parties is definitely wrong. Unless he is just fert, no weed control.
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