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Ya know, at this point i think I've actually got a handle on this point. I have 1 person "helping" this year and granted its not our 1st "helper" he IS 1 of the more motivated 1's I've come across. He wants to work and has a good attitude. Yes he's made several mistakes but are forgivable considering the overall picture.He does too good of a job (yes I know overservicing a client costs me money) So, I had my wife watch him and work with for a few days now. Some may laugh, but she is more demanding than I am!!! I can't always have eyes in the back of my head watching him make mistakes so, the time she spends training will have benefits that I will reap log after she's gone home to work on the books, take my daughter to ice skating practice or just plain be "MOM".
The thing is "I" realized what was needed and she was able/willing to help.
I know employees (at least the sane ones) don't say to themselves in the morning "Oh, I think I'll have a really crappy day pissing off the boss". If they fail I AM the one who's probably at fault because of poor training.
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