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Oh boy I can see the gutter discussion coming back around.

Doing the fall clean up is nothing like mowing. Mowing is fast and usually production based. I can guarantee that if you take lots of fall clean customers and you don't have the equipment and personnel to handle it, you will be in deep (leaf) trouble.

My clean ups are for weekly customers first and others can be added later. Every week (twice a week sometimes) we show up and blow out all areas around the house, walks, drives, planting beds. This all goes on the lawn that has been conveninetly cut to about 1.5 inches. The Toro 44 WB w doubles and the mulch kit grinds them to dust> The Walker picks up the chunks and windrows if needed.
All work is charged at a rate of 40 or 60 per man/hour. 2 people working. The 60 per mh rate is if debris is to be removed. Once again most debris is ground up but if I take a small load to the dump then they get a 60/mh bill. We like the arrangement.

The final clean of the year is very thorough with great care and detail taken in all areas. Window wells are cleaned out, everything will be ready for the big brown out.

No offence on the gutter comment but this topic has generated lots of discussion in the past. I do single story gutters ONLY. Long story about why.
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