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Originally posted by greenman
I'll do some reading on the old gutter topics later.
I would say the gutter thing is an insurance problem, because its so risky. Probably need a higher risk insurance, like for tree work, because its requires getting off the ground. Thats also another reason why gutter cleaning can be profitable. Single story gutter that takes, what, about 5 to 10 minutes to blow out will get you atleast 35, 40 bucks maybe.
Yea, like climbing a tree is more dangerous than driving a 50hp deisel 72" lawnmower at 13mph. across a rough lawn
Almost everyone climbed trees as kids, everyone lived through it. Alot of people, grown men even, nearly kill themselves sometimes on these mowers. A while back I heard of a guy that was on a Z on a pond bank and went in, was trapped by the levers and drowned.
Have heard of arborists falling to their death too but my point is that single story houses are probably alot safer than some of the equipment we operate daily. What about the guy that got his long hair or long shirt sucked into the backpack blowers? LOL he came out oK but that had to hurt! And push mowers can be dangerous, on a wet slope or just dry slope, even level ground sometimes.
We are brave, daring courageous men, are we not?
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