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Originally Posted by punt66 View Post
Agreed, it must be the lack of maturity or something on this site. Its odd to see all those guys from the south saying they will shoot first and then go on to say they are christians and are pro life.

One has nothing to do with the other, people simply should not steal...end of story. If you're willing to tresspass and steal someone's property then realize you may get shot/killed over it 'if' that state allows it.

I grew up in Texas and now live in Florida...both states allow you to use deadly force to protect your property. I feel sorry for the low-life that tresspasses and attempts to steal from our family. I have a Concealed Carry Permit and train with my sidearm regulary...and no one can ever tell that I'm carrying, even the most seasoned criminals can't tell...I'll always have the drop. I hate theives...not much worse than stealing someone elses hard earned property.
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