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mowerdude , ive been running the redmax 2401 for past 3/4 years . i ran a redmax bc225 for years before that . i whip 100 plus accounts per week past 8 years , and i BEAT my whips with alot of detail work

well this morning it was raing here so we took a broken mower to weingartz on vandyke in utica . and i was checking out redmax / shindaiwa / stihl for a half hour (i coulda spent about a grand if i didnt get outta there ) ,
i was liking the stihl fs80 which felt lighter than my redmax 2401 , and also has around 3 more cc . that fs80 feels real solid and i got my eye on one .
then i was looking at the shindaiwa 282 and stihl fs250 and wow i loved em all (sorry there the whippers get me going) but then im checking over the redmax as usuall and i picked up the next step above the 2401 which i think is the 2601 , well it has around 6 more cc . and feels near exact weight .
and my point is here that i decided today the extra money for the bigger cc's while not being much heavier is worth it because the more power shall make the whip last longer , plus allow you to whip thru jobs faster because of the extra power

ps - weingartz is like lawn guy heaven
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