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I had a much more constructive post in my head until I read the last posters comments.

First of all, I work 24 hours a day, every day. This company is my life.
I wake up and it is thde first thing on my mind. Then I check on my 2 year old. I am laying out schedule changes in my head in the shower. I eat breakfast while watching the weather and construction updates for last minute routing changes. On my way in, I am on the phone with my maintenance foreman to find out what is still broke from the day before. Next call is to my voicemail, to see who has to take their kid to to the hospital, or their babysitter is sick, or their car won't start, or their grandfather died (again). So now even more adjustments to the schedule.

Now I get to call a rental company, because while I was on my voicemail, my mechanic called to say that the parts he had overnighted were shipped wrong and and now I get to plead my case with the rental guy, sp he won't force me to return the truck that he promised to someone else.

Now I arrive at the shop and find out that someone broke in last night and stole 3 grand in plant materials that were handpicked at the nursery by my best customer (read picky, pita).

Now, remember, this is all before you get your butt to work.

The rest of the day is a stress filled rollercoaster of meetings, fights,customer complaints, (they never call to just say thank you), interventions and when I remember lunch in the truck.

When I get home all I can seem to talk to wife ( a freaking saint) about is the business.

So after spending half and hour with my son before bedtime. I finally shower, while thinking about tomorrow's schedule and whether those damn parts will come in.

I eventually fall asleep around 12:00 or 1:00 and then the nightmares about whether or not I will be able sell enough work to keep the families of my employee's fed, clothed and under a safe warm roof for one more month.

So if you need to be reassured that you do good work, or if I seem a little peeved that you want the evening off, or maybe the schedule changes in the middle of day. Before you blame me please look in the mirror. I don't need the stress of wondering if my employees are feelling emotionally full-filled.

One more thing, this one ticks me off. You took a job in an industry that is seasonal. You knew this going in. If you are unhappy, leave, it would suck to lose a valuable employee, but we are in a recession. I have a stack of resume's and application's 3 inches thick and growing daily on my desk. And for the first time ever, they are all qualified, some of them way over qualified. All looking to take a job making less than I pay my people now, just so that they can have a job.
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