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Originally Posted by Superior L & L View Post

I just thought it was interesting when you talked about low ballers ! Im not going to to talk #'s but you were bidding lawns 30% cheaper than we have been mowing them for years. Then you go into a sub that we have over 40 lawns in and start knocking on our customers doors and talk smack about us. Im all about competion but keep it on the up and up

i can say in front of god i have never said one bad thing about your company in front of god swear on my life. the farthest to the "bad" thing i ever said was when i talked to one lady who was mad as heck that you didnt do her fall clean up and didnt get to it until late spring. the "worst" thing i said was well some times when a company gets to that size its hard to make every customer first. so i would seriously question your sources on that, and yes i or one of my guys talked to every single person in that sub along with every other "decent" home or area in fenton so dont make it sound like im trying to single your "home sub" out. we talked to just under 20,000 people. that took alot of money to do something like that with pisspoor results to boot.

i mow one lawn in there for 30 and one for 35 the rest are 40 50 and 55 with 50 being the vast majority. can you say the same? dont lie and try to call me out like bishop and not be able to back it up. you mow darn near every lawn in there for 30 so EVERY ONE SAYS and thats ok because you mow alot in there so you can mow them a little cheaper. cool then. dont make it sound like i came in and lowballed you and lie through your teeth. give me a adress and i will tell you what i charge them.

you saw me lowball the shat out of the city bid right? and you saw me back my way right out of that bid right? could i have mowed it for that and made money? you bet thats why i gave that bid, did i want to be the lowest bidder? heck no i felt like shat because of it until i turned the work down.

dont for one second think i go around and follow what you say and go try to steal your work and talk shat about you, never.
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