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Originally Posted by M and S Lawn Care View Post
Stop stop stop. Lets stop arguing. On one hand, we could all raise prices. True, that would be nice. I dont like competing with people charging less than what I can do it for. On the other hand, HO's aren't swimming in $$ right now, so if it gets too pricey, they'll do it themselves.

I've been charging a few bucks less for everything this year, from lawns to mulch. Not lowballing, but staying within reason. That way people can afford it, we can stay busy, and everyone is happy. Personally I dont do any lawns for less than $20 except my mom's, and I try not to go out on a job for less than $75.00. I think that's fair to everyone.


Nice weather today. Got to try pulling with the new 250 today, 2.5 tons of boulders in the dump trailer and I couldn't tell it was back there. Got 8 MPG though.
and I'll do anything for $1.00 less lol

get used to 8-10 MPG..... Welcome to the ford 3/4 ton club!!!

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