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A facet most people do not understand is employees and their management is a direct reflection on the type of person you are.
Observing your employees is a great feedback mechanism towards eliminating a vast majority of issues both with your employees and also with customers.
A tactic I learned from my military days is to have the employee repeat what the instructions given are - then correct the recounting until what the employee repeats is what you want.
Pay is not as important as recognition - there are a multitude of management studies which confirm this behavior. A simple introduction to the client of an employee utilizing a praising manner will work wonders with the employee. This doesn't have to be only with foremen/managers but include laborers as well.
Scheduling isn't as difficult either - what I have done to great effect is to explain the work load, tell the crews to come up with their own plan we'll review together then implement what seems the most efficacious. I do explain I reserve the right to over rule or alter what the crews formulate but this is done with them so they have a greater understanding of my thought process.
Cross training/exposure to different tasks should also be a priority. An employee given the opportunity to experience different parts of this industry has an immediate impact on their self esteem which often results in their increased performance and problem solving.
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