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I don't care if i upset you cause i called you at noon to add a lawn. Or that you think i'm working you too hard. Maybe your the not useing your time wisely, or on the cell to much or taking a couple extra gas station breaks cause you didn't plan ahead.

I have a list of priorities in my life and here's how the rank.

1. My wife and kids.
2. MY BUSSINESS. It will be around longer then you will be.
2. My customer, without them we all are poor and they will be around longer then you.
3. Your wife and kids. It is my job to make sure the 9 children of employees of mine have the oppertunity to eat, and have a roof over there head. If i don't keep you busy they don't eat.
4. My equipment. Without it none of you work
5. Your payrole every week.
6. Taxes
7. Your feelings.
8. Your wifes feelings.

If i thought longer, i might get your feelings moved to 10 or 12. If you think my priorities are wrong, then you need to leave as an employee.

What your missing is i am the only person in the world who has the whole picture. I do truely hope my employee's respect me, but i don't care if they don't like me, Im to busy making sure they all have jobs next month.
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