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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
No offense, but I think it does. If I need to spell it out ..........

Their "program" can be easily done with compost, and possibly some amendments depending on the soil and compost. There is no need to buy into a "program". Get your SOM up to a good level (5-10%) and the rest will follow.

In short, no single "program" is suitable for every site.
I don't use their program. I've only used one product and plan to use another. But your claim doesn't seem reasonable and I'd be interested to see what you have to backup that claim and how much compost an average cool season clay soil lawn needs.

I can understand the use of compost could make the microbials in the soil conditioner and added to the fertilizer but what's in kelp isn't in compost and while compost can make the macro nutrients a lawn needs easier to get to, it provides little in the way of those nutrients.

The microbes in the soil conditioner could be had by using compost or compost tea, provided it was good compost/brewed correctly, but spreading 4lbs per 1,000 sq ft is a lot easier than 1 yard of compost or working on brewing compost tea. Even then, I know what's in the bag of Organica Microbial Soil Conditioner. If your kids get a bacterial infection and fever, do you take them to the doctor for penicillin or do you feed them some moldy bread? Similar argument to what the ICT guys seem to make.

I'm sure your mainly compost program works for you, but how do you know it couldn't be better? Years ago, I had an old neighbor and all he did was mow the lawn. Never added anything, sometimes watered. Lots of people around me do that. He had one of the nicest lawns in the area. He moved out, someone else moved in, started fertilizing and the lawn looked even better.

I don't know what the hangup is over the word program. It's just a suggestion and there's no requirement to follow it. You can buy and use whatever you want if you choose to use their products. Many consumers need programs. That's why Scott's does so well. They want to know what to apply, when to apply it and how much to apply. For the majority of users you can come up with one program that will work. You may individualize each program for each of your customers, but it's still a program. If I'm buying a manufacturer's program and applying it myself, I can live with 80% of my lawn's potential. If I'm paying much more for a lawn care service, 80% isn't enough.

People are interested in moving away from their synthetic lawn care program and looking to organics. What do you think is going to be more palatable for them? Going from buying bags of synthetics to bags of organics, or going from bags of synthetics to dumptrucks of compost or paying expensive fees to someone to do it for them? Well, since you seem to sell compost applications, it's obvious which one you prefer.

Me, I don't sell anything but think it would be great if more people stopped using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides on their lawns. Whatever it takes to get them there is fine by me.

So let me spell something out for you. The original question was:

Anyone have any knowledge of the product line. Can i offer this as a program to my customers. Does it have a any weed killer effects or is it just fertilizer for the lawn. What exactly will it to to the lawn?
How does saying

There is nothing easy about rebuilding a soil. Suck it up and spread some compost.
answer that question? It doesn't and if you think it does, you're wrong. Even if spreading some compost can do everything you need, it doesn't answer the questions being asked. It's like going to a bar and your friend asks you if you think the new waitress is hot and you answer "Laetitia Casta is the hottest woman on the planet." Without even lifting your head to see who he's talking about.
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