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I'm only gonna say this cause I care...

You guys that have replied to this thread and are using sunglasses or a pair of blue blockers are nuts. Think about it. How much would you spend to replace your eyes. That's right, you can't. Get a pair of approved, safety impact glasses and wear em. If you weed whacker can throw a piece of debris at your eye at about 60MPH or more, what do think will give?
I prefer a more coverage and in three years I can easily say they saved my eyes a hundred times. They give me everything I'm looking for. Great field of view, they slip over my peltors and they are vented. I go through about two pair a year and they are well worth the money, which really isn't that much.
Go to and get 4 pair. Keep a pair in a baggy in your ditty bag in the truck. They clean-up with soap and water real well or even the armor all clean-wipes. Sunglasses don't keep out the dust and the side debris, these do. Are they hot in the summer? I've worn them in 95 deg heat for over an hour at a time and they are fine. I use the clear ones in the fall and the smoke ones the rest of the time.
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