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Originally Posted by WannaBeOrganic View Post
I don't use their program. I've only used one product and plan to use another. But your claim doesn't seem reasonable and I'd be interested to see what you have to backup that claim and how much compost an average cool season clay soil lawn needs.
What part of this do you not understand?

Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
In short, no single "program" is suitable for every site.
As far as "backing up my claim", search this site. I have posted hundreds of links to peer reviewed publications that deal with soils, compost, CT, water, etc....

Originally Posted by WannaBeOrganic View Post
People are interested in moving away from their synthetic lawn care program and looking to organics. What do you think is going to be more palatable for them?
Well, my friend, if that is how they are "going green", then they don't understand the whole reason behind the movement.

Originally Posted by WannaBeOrganic View Post
Going from buying bags of synthetics to bags of organics, or going from bags of synthetics to dumptrucks of compost or paying expensive fees to someone to do it for them? Well, since you seem to sell compost applications, it's obvious which one you prefer.
I don't sell compost, fert and squirt, mow & blow, or anything of the sort. My gig if sustainable land management (i.e. soil and water) ... I sell knowledge. Lots of people pretend to know what I do, and even will speak on my behalf just as you have, but they still don't know what I do, even after I tell them. Glad to see you have joined their ranks.

As far as the rest goes .... going off-topic is part of Lawnsite .... welcome.
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