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Looks like a "fert and squirt" guy got smart and created another account to come over here and try and stir some things up.
Nope. I live in an area where organic lawn care products aren't readily available. Organica products are one of the few things I can seem to find nearby. So I wanted to find out more information than I already knew.

Like I said, I've never used the program, just one of the products. The only reason I posted here was to correct a factual error about the products and then it erupted into this flame fest.

Besides being locally available, one of the reasons I like the sound of the Organica products is that they contain some of the same microbes that are in compost that fight fungus and fix nitrogen so I was wondering if anyone had any more experience with them in the real world.

I've also looked at other products from Scotts, Ringer, Bradfield Organics, Jonathan Greene, etc. What I'm trying to use is a mix of things that work for me, including compost. The fertilizer you use, is it something you mix yourself or something anyone can buy? If you can buy it, mind sharing the name?

Maybe instead of what seems to be regular berating about using compost, that energy could be put into making a Compost FAQ for Lawn Professionals and make it a sticky? Someone was nice enough to put in a lot of effort to put together the Organic FAQ which is mostly geared towards grains.

In fact, this is what the FAQ has to say about compost:

[quote]Compost is probably the most recognized organic material in use today. Finished compost (as opposed to fresh manure) is a very important material when warranted, but it is not needed as much as is thought.[quote]

I've seen the guy that wrote the organic lawn care faq on other forums. He shares a lot of good advice and doesn't come across like a jerk when sharing what he knows. He's also posted pics of his lawn so we know his advice doesn't just work on paper.
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