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Originally Posted by WannaBeOrganic View Post

Compost is probably the most recognized organic material in use today. Finished compost (as opposed to fresh manure) is a very important material when warranted, but it is not needed as much as is thought.
And that statement would be dead wrong. Also note how the stickies are locked so no one can comment on the validity of the information.

Compost is the most sustainable source of organic matter available ......... period. If your soils need organic matter, there is no better source. That said, there are cases where some composts may not be appropriate, but that is not a part of this discussion.

Originally Posted by WannaBeOrganic View Post
I've seen the guy that wrote the organic lawn care faq on other forums. He shares a lot of good advice and doesn't come across like a jerk when sharing what he knows. He's also posted pics of his lawn so we know his advice doesn't just work on paper.
You mean like this thread?

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