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I too will not expect my crews to work beyond 45 hours per week. The additional revenue stream is often eradicated by poorer performance of tired employees. Add in the weather now my crews are operating in sustained 100* temps and after 1500 everyone slows down.

Concerning the "fixing" of employees - if you as an employer has a problem with an employee; remember YOU interviewed them, YOU hopefully exercised due diligence in checking them out, YOU trained them which all = YOU ARE THE ONE REQUIRING FIXING.

Labor and the respective issues which accompany comprise the bulk of any business and operating cost. Having state of the art equipment, numerous accounts, etc means little if YOU can't manage your employees effectively.

To the poster that commented upon poor feedback towards their management, have you tried setting up a time to speak to the management in private and way from the job site? A quick clue to let you know if you have made a poor choice in employment - if the manager won't speak with you to address your concerns - it's time to seek a different job elsewhere.

How I handle employee concerns is too maintain an open door. My crews KNOW, as I have repeatedly informed all of them, not only do I have an open door but I will not address a problem unless it is a safety concern on the job site. The end result is my crews are happy, my profit margin has increased because all know what everyone else is expected to do, and my crews know I will address and correct any "fixes" required.

The end result is a bunch of satisfied people, clients and a business that is humming along quite well. I didn't get to this point over night but neither did any business.

Remember, specific perseverance is what separates a successful business from one that isn't.
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