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Grasshoppers are fine machines and leave a very smooth cut in our area. They have one of the best diesel selections around. They do ride better, are very comfortable, and are long lasting. The decks do stop up easy here but I doubt that would affect South Alabama or Florida. They recycle grass into small clippings. They miss long stalks of weeds that get layed over often. Not much negative to say.

Scag Turf Tigers are equally tough, mine rides ok, they move a lot of grass in a hurry and throw longer clippings. The Scag Velocity deck will clump less and handle thick, wet grass a bit better. Scag does not have a very good diesel selection. Turf Tigers are great on slopes and I think the larger out front Grasshoppers will follow the contour of a slope well also but not the midmounts.

Both are nice machine but just different. I would demo as much as I could. Grasshopper is a sleeper, much better machine than most people give them credit for.
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