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Originally Posted by Mike's LawnCare Landscape View Post
Tennis balls . One time I was mowing along a rock wall and I hit A tennis ball. It cam out it the rock wall and almost took my head off when I looked to my left after it . It was kicking it over 100 yards.
Snakes,1 rabbit,no frogs yet,

Hay twin(Ps this stuff sucks ),Easter eggs (had a few this year)
Those tennis balls do fly out. Funny how bored we are these things amuse us. I hits snakes before and yes one rabbit. Baby one too it came up out of a burrow right under my deck and I knew from the sound it was probably something alive (now dead). Blew it out the chute right onto the balcony of the hotel we were working at....big smear of blood where he slid along the balcony floor. I actually felt bad for him. Then I had to get him out of there obviously.
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