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Anyone ever lose the keys to rental equipment?

So, rented a chipper yesterday form HD for a day. Got the job finished up and the guy forgot to take the keys out the engine. So, this set of keys had everything for that chipper: wheel lock key, tongue key and ignition key. I take it back that evening because I was in the area and told the the situation.

That chipper was transfered from a different store with one set of keys . Well, that was the only set they had. Conclusion, I had to find the keys or spend X amount of dollars to replace the locking units.

What the real icing to that cake was the girl that was running the tool rental told me "Ya, if you would have rented any other piece of equipment there would have been no problem because we have spare sets for those" HA got her pegged right there. I said lady, who is the boss here. "Oh, well I am" So, how come there was not other sets of keys made. "well, yall should have not lost them" Lady, I understand, but accidents happen, everyone makes mistake, we are human that is just how life is.

So, I called the manager this morning and told him the situation. He told me he could not get me an answer right then and there. So, gave him my name and number, have not heard back, but they did manage to charge my back account 601.77 . 300 for yesterday and 301.77 today. I have no clue what the hell is going on, but they will be hearing from me tomorrow. I wanted to go down there this morning, but i had no time.

I know that it is not just HD's fault, I know it is mine also. But, there should have bene extra keys made when that unit was brought over. I know I need to be more careful next time. But, What I don't understand is why they had to have all those keys on that ring when the only key I needed was the ignition key.

So, in reality yes it is my fault, but I should not have to pay by what she told me because if it was any other piece of equipment it woud have been ok, but no this chipper, this exact one is different and I have to pay. Something is deffinitly wrong.

Aggravating, needed to vent. Any of you ever had this scenario?
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