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Originally Posted by David Gretzmier View Post
Thought I'd resurrrect this thread a month later to see if Tim wants to chime in on how many leads,demo's and closed jobs are coming from the pretty massive advertising campaign he's got going. i am also curious where the best leads and closed jobs are coming from, magazine, postcard, etc. I am also finally getting some marketing out there, we'l be doing 10,000 brochures mailed out over the next 3 months to see if anyone calls in.
Hey Dave,* We have found most of our leads are resulting from direct mail 1st and our magazine article second. Almost the same amount of leads from both.* We only got around 15 leads in April which is below what we were hoping for.* I will have to look at May but we were around the same, maybe a little more.* The quality of customer is about the same from either campaign as they are hitting the same population area and reinforcing each other.* I am expecting the call volume to pick up a bit more as we have finally started getting some better weather and gotten out of the ark. Firefly is a new company in the area, so it is not totally unexpected to have a slow ramp up.* We have been making our customers very happy so I am sure our referral network will start growing and begin to help.* We are all selling a luxury item and as we are all aware the phone is not ringing as often for our services, but when they do we really have to go out of our way to really be remarkable to our clients.* One very important thing that is becoming extraordinarily clear to me.* When we have an overload of leads it is very difficult to spend the time necessary with the client to build the necessary repore and confidence needed to close many sales when you have to run off to another appointment.* We have made it a point now to only schedule one appointment per evening and everyone gets a demo that evening and proposal on the spot asking for the sale.* I know the opinions on here are mixed about the use of demos, but I am here to tell you.* Nearly every one I demo,** I CLOSE!!* The reason I do it is not even because it shows them what it will look like; that is just a side benefit.* The main reason is, it gives me an excuse to spend even more TIME with that potential client making a friend and building more trust and repore.* My goal at the end of the night is for that client to be at the point where they wouldn't even consider wanting to use anyone else for their needs.

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