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I agree on doing a demo for everyone, I've got one scheduled for tonight. It has been so long since my last one, I am not sure where my demo kit is ! I understand that leads are slow coming for a new brand.

You might try and get on the leads cost about 20 bucks apiece. I got quite a few leads that were not low voltage lighting, but then you could forward those to your other electrical divisions and still make money off them. I am thinking that in your market of 2 million plus that you would see 2 or 3 leads per week from them

I really mean this in a nice way, but do you feel you are getting enough leads from the amount of money spent? Phrased another way, I am going to spend around a grand per month over the next 3 months, and that is really hard for me to do, and if I only get 1.5 leads per 1000 bucks spent, I would need to close every lead just to break even for the profit to cover the cost of advertising.
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