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Review of my new Kubota ZG227

After researching, thinking, talking, and more thinking about what zero turn to buy for the last month I purchased a Kubota ZG227 last week with 4 hours on it (dealers demo) for $7500. It now has 20 hours on it and this week I have cut in a variety of conditions with it. The mower is equipped with a 27hp Kubota gas engine, with a 54'' deck.

I almost did not buy this machine because I was concerned about the quality of cut. This machine cut awesome and I would compare it to the cut of an Exmark Ultracut deck. The mower cuts fine in wet grass to with less clumping than my Scag with the Velocity Plus deck. My Kubota with the Pro Deck cuts better than my Scag.

I bought the Kubota for a few reasons. The deck is shaft driven with a gearbox, and only has one belt to worry about, and its about and inch wide. I have heard theses belts last over 3000 hours. My mower is also equipped with a wet clutch to enagage the mower instead of an electric clutch. It enages very smoothly. The deck can be lifted using the hydralic lift, which comes in handy when going over curbs, roots, rocks etc. The Kubota is also a very short machine and the bagging unit is partially over the hood. The bagging unit does not require wheights which is a good thing. Less wheight the better.

Kubota also uses dual HST Trans instead of the conventional pump and motor design. (Not sure if there is an advantage or not.) The Kubota is really easy to service with all the filters in reach. Kubota also has greasable spindles (along with many other grease fittings) I would rather have the greasable spindles over the sealed kind like Exmark uses. This way I can make sure their filled with grease.

Also the drivetrain on the diesels and gas 200 series are the same. So if the diesel drivetrain hold up so can the gas. They are built like a tank.

The mower is really comfortable to operate. It has a wide foot panel, with an adjustable seat with arm rests. The steering is responsive and is not sloppy. The operator knows how much fuel is in the mower because there is a fuel gauge. The mower is also extremley quiet.

The only thing that i can find fault with mower is the gas tank size which needs to be bigger. It is only 8 gallons, and can't go 2 full days.

The Kubota has proven to me so far that it is a great machine, and I look forward to the 2000+ hours that I will be spending on this machine, confident that I have made the right choice. After comparing all the mowers, and being partial to Scags, buying the Kubota was right thing to do. I encourage anyone who is looking for a z turn to atleast look at the kubota. Any ?s feel free to ask.
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