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great job! i dont hear anyone talk about the kubota gas jobs and i am glad to see we finnally have a review! i want to know the fuel economy by the hour if you could? i heard the kubota gas motor is the smoothest vtwin going! is it liquid or air cooled? does it seem to have more than enough power for deep grass while baging ? or wetter grasses. how fost can you take your bagger off? just the blower part, and if you take the bag hanger off how long does it take for that to come off too? i think that the wet clutch it a great idea!! it will last longer than any normal pto. how about the drive shaft is it long or short or lots of ujoints or is it a cv drive shaft style like a front axle in a car??? your mower sounds really well built i was interested in them while i was looking but i never got a chance to see one. let us know all the ins and outs!
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