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Originally Posted by JoyofFluidFilm View Post
How many of you guys are into spas? Relaxation?
I got a gift certificate to get a couples massage for me and Andrew...we will be doing that next saturday..i hope he likes it....
I know im going to enjoy it.

Things are great between me and Andrew.

I am still undecided about what present to get him and how much to spend. He doesnt care about me going all out for him, but i want to do something extra nice.

A trip to cancun, or Hawaii, or the Bahamas is great...but in this economy, more than ever, am i trying to save my money. Im also thinking of going back to school....

Ideas, me out here...thanks!
Okay...I'm gonna try to help you out here. I consulted with my wife to try to get you a good answer. Her first vote was shopping spree for yourself. After more consideration...she said maybe go to a Bed and Breakfast on the beach being that you said your boyfriend likes the beach. Maybe somewhere like Santa Cruz. We're not sure how far that is from you, but we figure it could be a mini vacation to get away from things while still not spending a lot of money. Hope that helps a bit....let us know what you think.
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