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There's a rental house a few doors down from me and the rental company never has the same person mow more than twice. The latest "victim" drives up yesterday in an old nissan altima with a murray push mower hanging out of the trunk and a bungee cord holding the trunk shut. I was changing blades, greasing mowers, etc. It was about 7 pm but it was hot and humid like you wouldn't believe. The guy starts mowing and goes for about 5 minutes and then gets in the car and turns the air on. Gets out starts mowing again, back in the car. This goes on for over an hour. Now keep in mind that the lot is only about 50 ft by 75 ft and the house is about 1500 sq ft, so there's not that much grass. He was there until after dark, then I see the car leave. When I was going out to work this morning I noticed that he didn't even finish!!! Then when I got back home this afternoon, he was back. But then a bad storm came in and he had to leave. I could knock this yard out in about 30 min including trimming. I have never seen anybody take so long to mow a small lot. I always see these guys with mowers in the back of cars, but now I'm really not worried about the competition since he's probably only making $5/hr and he may have a heat stroke on top of that.
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