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Originally Posted by David Gretzmier View Post
I agree on doing a demo for everyone, I've got one scheduled for tonight. It has been so long since my last one, I am not sure where my demo kit is ! I understand that leads are slow coming for a new brand.

You might try and get on the leads cost about 20 bucks apiece. I got quite a few leads that were not low voltage lighting, but then you could forward those to your other electrical divisions and still make money off them. I am thinking that in your market of 2 million plus that you would see 2 or 3 leads per week from them

I really mean this in a nice way, but do you feel you are getting enough leads from the amount of money spent? Phrased another way, I am going to spend around a grand per month over the next 3 months, and that is really hard for me to do, and if I only get 1.5 leads per 1000 bucks spent, I would need to close every lead just to break even for the profit to cover the cost of advertising.
I guess if you were closing every lead and the average ticket was say 5k + it is justifiable. I am somewhat disapointed at the number of leads generated currently in relation to what we are investing. It isn't just us though. I am sure anyone on here will testify to the fact that regardless of what advertising media is going out, the volume of calls is way down from years past. This is the main reason we are spending so much time with each client so we can increase our chances of converting them to a customer.

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