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Originally Posted by ralph84 View Post
The first problem I have is that it is dragging quite a bit to the right. If I let go of both brakes, it pulls to the right.
Well, there could be a few reasons for this, and you could be in for alot of work. Easy stuff first. Check the air pressure in both rear tires, it should be the same. (20 PSI ?) If you can get your hands of a cloth measuring tape, measure both tires to make sure they are the same circumference.

Now check the front tires, if the bushing in the yoke supports are bad or gone, the tires could be rubbing against the deck, causing it to act like a brake, stopping the tires from turning.

Let me know what you find....

Originally Posted by ralph84 View Post
Do y'all know if the belt has to be for a Lesco, or will any belt for any 36" walk-behind work?
If you can wait untill Monday, I can get you the part number......

Originally Posted by ralph84 View Post
The final problem is that when going up a hill or through thick grass, the mower will stop moving.
If the Jackshaft pulleys have never been changed, you will need to change these out along with the belts. But that depends on how you answer this question. When you are going up a hill, dose the transmission still turn the jack shafts ? The Jackshafts are what connect the trans to the drive pulleys that drive the belts that move the wheels.

If this is not the case, maybe all you have to do is adjust the trans idler pulley. If you look under the back of the engine deck, you will see a big pulley that connects to the trans, just off to the front right you will see the little idler pulley, if the belt is good, then just loosen the nut and slide the pulley in towards the center and tighten it up.

Let me know how you make out, and if you can find out what year your Lesco was made would be a help.
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