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Nebraska - Actually, the hunt was done mostly with 6 ft javelin spears. The guys are shown holding their 12 thrusting spears, used mostly for self protection. Skarphederson (Skarp) ,the guy third from left shown standing with dark shirt on made the first javelin hit and later another that slowed the animal enough for the others to finish it off (with their thrusting spears). I wasn't involved. It was a ritual hunt for their heathen kindred. Skarp is a friend of mine and works as a tree man in the Dayton Ohio area. I used to work for him. They're hunting a wild boar this year. Apparently they caused quite a stir at the hotel with all those spears, shortly after Sept. 11 last fall! The ranch hands at the ranch where the hunt took place were betting even money that one of them would be killed! The only injuries were to the beast.

Expert - Sounds great. I'll save a wheel chair for ya, crawlin' is too tough on the knees!
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