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Originally Posted by Stillwater View Post
I am in business to make money NOT BUY ADVERTISING FOR FLUID FILM.
Come on guys snap out of it, if fluid film can't afford to or chooses not to for whatever reason then why should we?
i totally get where you're coming from and what i'm gonna say is a generalized statement. it is in no way directed at you or anyone else.... why do people buy things with nascar, mlb, nfl, nba, pga logos, etc etc etc ont hem, why do you let the dealer you bought your car pr truck from put their name on the liscense plate frame or a stick on emblem on the vehicle? we spend tons on "buying advertising" for plenty of companies/people in this world without getting anything back in return. at least dano and the fluid film higher ups give us something for free and remember, whatever they give us is more than they have to.
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