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Glad to see there are still some teenagers out there that still value a dollar. When I was your age I did the same thing, with a cheap Briggs and Station push mower. I would not worry about upgrading your equipment until you have to. New commercial grade mowers are very expensive; a lot of small LCO don’t have ZRT mowers because of that very reason. The best way for you to pick up more customers is to go door to door and talk to your neighbors. I would start with the neighbors that mow themselves. Be honest and be professional and you will be surprised how many lawns you picked up. Do some research, have a LCO come out and give you a quote for your lawn so you know what to charge customers. Just remember people probably aren’t going to pay you what they pay an LCO because the fact you are a teenager. Best of luck, and keep up the hard work and you will be reward for it.

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