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Originally Posted by dan1a1984 View Post
Please read the entire post "good used commercail grade mower" USED being the key word. Noone said anything about a NEW mower.

If he looks to buy out off season he can get a deal. Check out the daily paper in the winter time and you will see tons of deals. I would also check with dealership let them know what you are looking for and price you want to spend. Most will give a you a 90day warrenty(on USED EQUIPMENT) if you ask for one, for peice of mind.
So wintertime is a good time to look for a mower, so maybe mow this season with my current mower, then switch over during the winter? Do you think a dealer would actually have a good deal on a used mower? I would think they would be overpriced but I havn't ever looked.

Any tips on what mower to buy (if I buy one)? Scag, Toro, Wright, Exmark, Husqvarna, Great Dane, Hustler, etc. ZTR, Walkbehind/Stand Behind? Heavily used commercial grade, residential grade, etc?
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