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Originally Posted by growingdeeprootsorganicly View Post
have to agree with the wanna be on the bone meal analysis but i guess depending on the particular product,how it was made i could imagine P being in the 20% range but disagree with his oak leaf #s for p value, there no way it's that high,

the best way to increase P is like small axe said, get the bugs to unlock it, and use of a chelete like humic acid but it's easier said then done but, topdress with good post, dig some forest humus or soil healthy soil from a natural grass/weed field or inoculate with a commercial myco product at time of seeding.
bone meal/fish bone is one of my favorite high P ferts but it is very expensive for turf use,bat/bird guano's are king organic type ferts but again big bucks and not for turf use but if you got the coin i say go for it and apply, rock phos is very cheap and a great amendment to add to soil/ post aswell, long term supply, and many other rock dusts are excellent mineral sources containing some P depending? many grain/animal ferts/manures contain plenty of P, i try not to get to caught up on analysis for the simple fact because with true organics these inputs are bug food first and second their mineral value determines how much of that mineral is present in % in organic bound form to a degree i guess?, bugs will make available minuet amounts from it's surroundings as long as the nutes are present, and what the plant asks for, so a product containing 1/1/1 will provide enough nutes as long as biology is working and cycling nutes correctly
it will provide all the nutes needed for plant growth

if a soil shows low P and the soil is poor,containing little OM, adding synthedic P sources is only a quick fix and will ultimately lock up other nutes in the process beside leeching away, applying starter fert multiple times a year for years is just plain dumb IMHO.
build the soil structure, and most impotently built ur micro community, they are the keys to unlocking the bound nutes already present, and the quickest way to that goal is to apply a good compost
mycorrihzial colonization depends on NO APPLIED PHOSPHOROUS

Unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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